hallucinate hallucinate  /hə ˈlu sə neɪt/


  • (v) perceive what is not there; have illusions

Derived Word(s)


  1. You start to hallucinate, and I began to see all the buildings behind me as lion's heads.
  2. About drinking your own urine you talk in the book about people who hallucinate while running or become disoriented and exhausted.
  3. I hallucinate a little bit, but not much.


  • Ad of the Day: DirecTV

    Riding the bus isn't boring—not when you can hallucinate a bunch of miniature cars engaged in a high-speed chase on the floor below you. At least, that's what DirecTV says it will feel like to use its cross-device service, which lets subscribers take recorded shows to go on tablets and smartphones. A new spot, titled "Chase," was created by Grey New York, and directed by Doug Liman, also the ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Mediaweek


  1. "The first time I checked myself in because I had taken Ambien. It's a sleeping aid but it makes you hallucinate," Lohan tells the Sun. "I'd run a bath and fallen asleep on the floor and the bath had overflowed. When I woke up I was so...
    on Feb 22, 2010 By: Lindsay Lohan Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. "Out of all the times I've been on acid, I've never been able to hallucinate with such repetitive control," wrote Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994.
    on Dec 11, 2004 By: Kurt Cobain Source: Bloomberg

  3. Wentz explains, "If I don't take an Ambien, I'll sleep for an hour. With Ambien, I'll sleep from 2am to seven (am). But, if you don't fall asleep, Ambien makes you hallucinate. About four months ago I took Ambien and almost set the house on fire."
    on Sep 16, 2008 By: Pete Wentz Source: Contactmusic.com

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