half-pint half-pint


  • (n) disparaging terms for small people



  1. They are Dennis the Menace come to life, half-pint hellions who drive parents and teachers to distraction with their disruptive antics.
  2. A half-pint, because that fit right in.
  3. NBC's one-man dramatic workshop is a 30-year-old, hornrimmed, half-pint scrivener named Arch Oboler, who in the last five years has written some 200 radio plays, cast many of them.



  • "The effect of this decision is to create a separate class of felonies that are indeed 'puny, half-pint' felonies, somewhat different, perhaps less serious and less worthy of diligent enforcement, than the felonies defined in the penal code,"...
    on Jul 13, 2007 By: Ronnie Earle Source: Dallas Morning News (registration)

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