guzzle guzzle  /ˈɡə zəl/


  • (v) drink greedily or as if with great thirst


  1. The conundrum was prefigured by Farouk's grandfather, Khedive Ismail, a grandee who died in 1895 while trying to guzzle two bottles of champagne in one draft.
  2. They guzzle and spit beer, drive motorcycles indoors, dump Fizzies in the school swimming pool, pile up 1.
  3. He's not looking for the pale stuff you guzzle with Coca-Cola; he's out for the darker, lesser-known aged rums you sip from a snifter.


  • Passions not lost by Purdue clubs

    It’s a craft dating back to the 5th millennium B.C., but the science behind the cheap Hamm’s students guzzle down on Friday nights remains unknown to most. One Purdue club is striving to educate their peers on the art of home brewing.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Purdue Exponent

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  1. Commenting on the judgment, Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan said: "This is a very good day for lying drug-abusing prima donnas who want to have their cake with the media, and the right to then shamelessly guzzle it with their Cristal champagne....
    on May 6, 2004 By: Piers Morgan Source: BBC News

  2. "I love Patton and think the world of him and his talent. That will never change, no matter how many times he chooses to wear a kilt and hungrily guzzle sugary sweet, Sierra Mist (Oh snap!!) in an unintentional metaphor for everything being...
    on Jan 2, 2008 By: David Cross Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. Chris Bury, filing for WORLD NEWS, tells us the "jobs (are) to build new Explorers that won't guzzle gas like the old ones."
    on Jan 26, 2010 By: Chris Bury Source: ABC News (blog)

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