gusty gusty  /ˈɡə sti/


  • (adj) blowing in puffs or short intermittent blasts


  1. The gusty wind from the East fanned the fire and soon the fire was raging in most parts of the forest.
  2. Playing against a partisan crowd and a gusty wind brought out the best in Sid.
  3. The home team's unlikely win brought gusty joy to a country which till recently was mourning its dead in the aftermath of the earthquake.


  1. Colorado could get winds that drive out smoke, but feed fires

    Gusty winds that fed Colorado's wildfires on Tuesday could return to parts of the state Thursday, but the wind and afternoon thunderstorms could help tamp down the thick smoke affecting the entire Front Range, weather and air quality officials said.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Denver Post

  2. Gusty thunderstorms expected into Wednesday

    Officials are predicting gusty thunderstorms to blow through the area late this afternoon with a chance of hail in some areas.        
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Chicago Tribune

  3. Gusty winds, temps in the mid 60s: Forecast

    Gusty winds, temps in the mid 60s: Forecast …
    on June 8, 2013     Source: WGN TV Chicago


  1. Westwood said: "It was tricky. The wind got up and it was gusty, so quite hard to judge. It was a day of patience and I was rewarded with three birdies."
    on Jun 12, 2010 By: Lee Westwood Source: BBC Sport

  2. "It wasn't totally into us, except for six holes, I think," Singh said of the wind. "It wasn't awfully bad. It was gusty, but if you timed it well, it wasn't that bad."
    on Jun 24, 2010 By: Vijay Singh Source: AFP

  3. "It's difficult for everybody here at the moment with the conditions changing, the gusty winds and the cool conditions," said Federer, whose first-round match was played over two days because of rain. "So I'm happy to have put myself in the...
    on May 31, 2007 By: Roger Federer Source: International Herald Tribune

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