gray-black gray-black


  • (adj) of black tinged with grey


  1. Hillsides disappeared permanently behind a gray-black haze.
  2. Because of Moscow's need for hard currency, most of the 96 tons of gray-black sturgeons' eggs it produces annually are exported, bringing $5.
  3. The prisoners' horizon is a gray-black wall.



  1. Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. described Pecora, born in Sicily, as "swarthy and tough, with his flashing black eyes and defiant pompadour of gray-black hair."
    on Jan 12, 2010 By: Arthur M Schlesinger Jr Source: USA Today

  2. As Anderson recalled, "There's nothing there, just a formless, gray-black misery. My mind's gone dead."
    on Apr 7, 2009 By: Terry Anderson Source: Men's News Daily

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