grabber grabber  /ˈɡræ bər/


  • (n) an unpleasant person who grabs inconsiderately


  1. The most recent headline grabber was last month's $8.
  2. The gadfly speaker, Mahmoud Mashadani no mean headline-grabber himself threatened to resign.
  3. This grabber is the lead-off speech of Lawrence Durrell's new play, An Irish Faustus, which is playing at Hamburg's Deutsches Schauspielhaus.


  1. Frame Grabber tests video data in infotainment systems.

    Featuring modular architecture, Video Dragon tests high-speed LVDS connections and HDMI interfaces. When utilized as frame grabber, device records and analyzes single images and video sequences in raw-data format or as compressed files. Frame rate includes up to 60 images/sec at max color depth of 24 bits. Utilizing serializer in module port, Video Dragon turns into frame generator that may ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

  2. Fulsome Prism Blues: The Guardian Offers 2nd-Worst Clarification Ever On NSA Story

    While the rest of the world plays " Where In The World Is Edward Snowdiego ?", The Guardian has quietly clarified a key piece of Glenn Greenwald 's reporting, in comically aggressive/aggressive fashion. When news of the NSA's Prism data collection program was first broken by Greenwald and The Washington Post 's Laura Poitros , the "grabber" was that the spy agency had "direct access" to the ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Mediaite

  3. Grabber's Scavenger Head Screws Now Available in Coarse Thread

    Coarse Thread Screws Are Perfect for Drywall to Wood Attachment Alpine, UT — Grabber Construction Products, an international distributor of professional-grade fasteners and construction products, announces the release of its unique Scavenger head screws in coarse thread for drywall to wood attachment. Previously, Grabber's Scavenger head screws have only been available in drill point and ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: ThomasNet


  1. "We've been so lucky out there," Sindelar said. "I hope this is an attention-grabber."
    on Nov 17, 2008 By: Joey Sindelar Source: USA Today

  2. "Musharraf has been portraying himself as a benevolent dictator but now as he is pushed into a corner he is showing his true colors," Khan said. "He is a power-grabber and wants to cling to power at all costs."
    on Nov 3, 2007 By: Imran Khan Source:

  3. "This year there was the big attention-grabber in the NFL with the Buffalo Bill (Kevin Everett, who suffered a spinal cord injury on a kickoff return tackle)," Bielema said. "My football operations guy came from the NFL and he said there's...
    on Oct 4, 2007 By: Bret Bielema Source: Coshocton Tribune

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