goof-proof goof-proof


  • (v) proof against human misuse or error



  1. To teach letter sounds, they use goof-proof sentences like "I ran.
  2. She also brings on other celebrities to promote their wares: Dolly Parton appeared as one of Rivers' first guests to shill her own line of "goof-proof" Revlon cosmetics, for which .


  1. "Some have suggested that it might make a good goof-proof computer for technophobes, the aged, and the young; they're absolutely right," wrote Pogue.
    on Apr 1, 2010 By: David Pogue Source: InformationWeek

  2. "We were trying to work out a model, a template and make it so simple that it could be passed on," said Warren. "The average McDonalds makes a $1 million a year and it's run by kids. It's goof-proof. As a result, you can buy McDonalds almost...
    on Feb 5, 2005 By: Rick Warren Source: Christian Post

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