goggle-eyed goggle-eyed


  • (adj) with eyes or mouth open in surprise



  1. Men were still goggle-eyed over the recent invention of Morse's telegraph, Howe's sewing machine, Goodyear's vulcanized rubber, McCormick's reaper.
  2. By the time she had pleaded Talk Some Sweet Talk to Me, in a furry and insinuating tone, she had the fans goggle-eyed.
  3. Some of the worshippers are strained and goggle-eyed; others are composed and serene.


  • Pay to belay: Could creative bribery make Nugent go away?

    I grew up on Ted Nugent’s music. Wait, strike that: I grew up despite Ted Nugent’s music. And I don’t think even Nugent himself would be less than flattered by that clarification. As a teen, I was down with the whole Nugent schtick. The ridiculously proficient guitar playing. The goggle-eyed mania. The gift for saying the absolute worst thing in front of the largest number of people. Like Alice ...
    on March 22, 2014     Source: Orlando Weekly

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