gleeful gleeful  /ɡ ˈli fəl/


  • (adj) full of high-spirited delight



  1. The story lit a fire under immigration groups who sent out gleeful e-mails.
  2. For Morris is a gleeful genius who preaches what he's paid to preach, who can teach it round or teach it flat.


  1. Soldier Surprises Kids During Their ‘Welcome Home’ Practice

    Being reunited with a loved one, particularly after that loved one has been deployed overseas, can be very emotional for all involved. Reunions with soldiers and their children are the kinds of scenes that make you want to grab a box of tissues and prepare for the gleeful encounter. Some families come up with ways [...]
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Trending Now via Yahoo! News

  2. Obama NSA spy program mocked on Tumblr

    To the delight of White House detractors everywhere, a soon-to-be-viral single-topic Tumblr was launched on Saturday mocking President Barack Obama's involvement in the National Security Agency's controversial spying program. The photo-driven blog,, showcases out-of-context press images of an often gleeful Obama—taken from Flickr, the web and elsewhere—looking ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: The Ticket via Yahoo! News

  3. Saturday's TV Best Bets

    Vancouver seems like a recreational paradise, but maybe not. A gleeful parachutist is snatched by a pterodactyl; two cyclists zoom straight into a dinosaur. And that's in the first few minutes.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Port Clinton News Herald


  1. "There's a tone of gleeful relish in the way they talk about dragging reporters before grand juries, their appetite for withholding information, and the hints that reporters who look too hard into the public's business risk being branded...
    on Mar 5, 2006 By: Bill Keller Source: Boston Globe (registration)

  2. "You can be gleeful about the last quarter but there are substantial dark clouds on the horizon for Apple," warned analyst Rob Enderle at Enderle Group in Silicon Valley.
    on Jan 17, 2007 By: Rob Enderle Source: Channel News Asia

  3. "Now is not the time to do something that the Republican Party will be very gleeful about," Sanders said.
    on Jan 9, 2006 By: Bernard Sanders Source: Boston Globe (registration)

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