glassless glassless


  • (adj) not furnished with glass


  1. Slovenly soldiers of all three factions loitered on the porch, sometimes poked their heads curiously through the glassless windows.
  2. With its glassless windows admitting light and air and its roof covered with brilliant emerald tiles, the church seemed like a cool spot in the jungle.
  3. The bundled-up congregation shivered in blasts that came straight off the North Sea through the glassless windows.


  • Evaluating the impact of P.L.A.Y. in Haiti

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, 7 October 2013 – “Listen! And repeat!” I hear a teacher call out as I stand in the yard of the national school in Furcy. The voices of chanting elementary school students echo from the glassless windows of the earthquake-damaged buildings. This style of teaching is a time-honoured way children learn in Haiti.
    on October 8, 2013     Source: Unicef

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