ghostlike ghostlike  /ˈɡoʊst ˌlaɪk/


  • (adj) resembling or characteristic of a phantom


  1. You could see people giving themselves upghostlike figures coming out, waving white sheets.
  2. They then used 3-D animation software called Character Studio and 3D Studio Max to map the movements onto their own digital drawings and render the final, ghostlike images.
  3. But you're so focused on the intricate moves of the dancers onstage that you almost miss the ghostlike figure before it vanishes a few seconds later.


  • George Takei Facebook Fraud! Ghostwriter Apologizes After Getting Exposed

    What a difference a day makes — when you're a ghostwriter for a celebrity and you no longer wish to remain … ghostlike. Last week, journalist Rick Polito revealed that he's been writing $10 jokes for George Takei's Facebook page, … Continue reading ?
    on June 13, 2013     Source: omg! Celeb News via omg!

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