geophysicist geophysicist


  • (n) a geologist who uses physical principles to study the properties of the earth


  1. Geoffrey Ballard, the geophysicist, remembers his companion asking.
  2. At that point, Stanford University geophysicist Mark Zoback and his colleagues will finish casing the perimeter of their borehole with steel and start packing it with instruments.
  3. And mathematical geophysicist Vladimir Keilis-Borok comes into the office every morning to try to work out where the next major earthquake is going to strike.


  • Depth Imaging Geophysicist - Houston, TX - $Competitive

    Leap 29 are currently presenting this excellent opportunity to join an international oil and gas company as a Depth Imaging Geophysicist which will provide the opportunity to work with some of the most up to date technology in the industry.
    on July 12, 2013     Source: Rigzone

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