gauzy gauzy


  • (adj) so thin as to transmit light


  1. Skirt hemlines have risen shockingly high on the thigh as labels like Miu Miu, Chanel and Chloe continue to show barely-there mini-dresses in gauzy white fabrics for summer.
  2. Zhang Ziyi rolls across a library floor in a gauzy white tunic, trying to perfect an action stunt and she's in pain.
  3. But so far his gauzy optimism has proved more boring than inspirational to voters; for months, he has idled near the bottom of the polls.



  1. In an opinion piece for USA Today this month, the radio host Michael Medved said he cherished the notion "that the last time a young Democrat took over the White House with gauzy visions of change, it produced a 'Golden Age' for right-wing...
    on Dec 22, 2008 By: Michael Medved Source:

  2. "Our expectation is not that there's just some vague, gauzy statement about us not wanting to see loose nuclear materials," Obama said. "We anticipate a communique that spells out very clearly, here's how we're going to achieve locking down...
    on Apr 6, 2010 By: Barack Obama Source: Canada Free Press

  3. Stanley writes NBC's anchors are "so wedded to script -- and prepackaged gauzy biographies -- that they act as if any deviance from the party-hearty line will somehow appear unpatriotic."
    on Feb 22, 2010 By: Alessandra Stanley Source: SportsBusiness Daily (subscription)

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