gasometer gasometer


  1. (n) a meter for measuring the amount of gas flowing through a particular pipe
  2. (n) a large gas-tight spherical or cylindrical tank for holding gas to be used as fuel



  1. Sorry, Laser Zeppelin, This German Light Show Is Way Cooler Than You

    Whoa. It's happened. Laser-Zeppelin has met its match. The crazy creative folks at Urbanscreen have transformed the cavernous interior of the Gasometer in Oberhausen, Germany, into a wild light show that looks all kinds of trippy. So long, Stairway . Read more...
    on April 19, 2014     Source: Gizmodo

  2. This enormous gas tank is now a wondrous, isolating work of art (video)

    Once it stored enormous quantities of blast furnace and coal gas, but these days the Gasometer Oberhausen is a 385 foot tall cylindrical art gallery. Since the early 90s, the gargantuan storage tank has been host to more than a dozen art exhibitions,...
    on April 19, 2014     Source: Engadget

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