garble garble  /ˈɡɑr bəl/


  • (v) make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story



  1. Finally, with special playback equipment, the garble began to make sense.
  2. But the book's perfervid tone and fuzzy phrasinghardly appropriate from a Supreme Court Justicegarble the message.
  3. But Lauwers had no intention of straying from his captors' text; his British instructions, he says, called for him to garble every 16th letter.



  1. "The Western understanding of names as first and last : caused many analysts to garble and confuse" the names of their Iraqi targets, Russell explained to me via e-mail.
    on Feb 23, 2010 By: Steve Russell Source: Slate

  2. "The report of my talk in the Australian newspaper ...... is a complete garble," Posner wrote in an e-mail. "I don't advocate secret trials, profiling, or the characterization of the conflict with terrorism as a 'war.' "
    on Jul 2, 2007 By: Richard Posner Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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