galvanizer galvanizer


  1. (n) a skilled worker who coats iron or steel with zinc
  2. (n) a leader who stimulates and excites people to action



  1. Controversythe enemy's enmitywas a real galvanizer.
  2. Jailed by the British in 1932 along with many other Congress leaders, Narayan conceived the idea of forming a Socialist group as a galvanizer within the Congress Party.
  3. The website, a prime galvanizer of anti-Bush fulmination and fund-raising, has helped peddle other documentaries.


  • New Music: Travis Porter Feat. Future 'Don't We'

    Strip club connoisseurs Travis Porter join forces with Future, the radio single galvanizer, for a new track, 'Don't We.' On the record, they remind us who runs the club scene. -- Max Weinstein Tags  travis porter , future , don't we , strip club , molly , Turn Up
    on January 14, 2014     Source: Vibe Magazine


  • "Let's be clear it's still a relatively small number of people that will have access to that," Blair said. "I think the important thing is to use it as a galvanizer for grass roots sport. That's to me what will make the difference."
    on Jul 9, 2009 By: Tony Blair Source: USA Today

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