full-grown full-grown


  • (adj) (of animals) fully developed



  1. The creepy thing about all of this apprenticing is that a full-grown man is spending a lot of time with a teenage boy.
  2. In August alone, 28 dead otters were cast ashore, including an alarming number of full-grown females.
  3. This is an amazing achievementit has been only 3 years since the sly and always hungry feline burst full-grown from the head and hand of Davis.


  1. Cat Nurses One-Week-Old Pit Bull Puppy

    Not even a full-grown cat with a litter of her own could resist a cute newborn puppy. Noland, a now 10-day-old pit bull puppy, was found stranded without his mother, but thanks to the quick thinking of employees at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, he...        
    on June 21, 2013     Source: ABC News

  2. Snakebite victim out of hospital, on road to full recovery

    After 80 vials of antivenin and 15 days in the hospital spent recovering from a bite by a full-grown eastern diamondback rattlesnake, Ben Smith is back home and doing well.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Gainesville Sun

  3. Storm tears up Granger Twp. family’s property

    GRANGER TWP. — A thunderstorm early Thursday morning caused few problems countywide but ravaged one family’s backyard in the 4000 block of Ridge Road. Nikki Scheutzow said when she and her husband woke up Thursday morning, they found eight to 10 full-grown trees “ripped in half.” Nikki Scheutzow and her husband woke up Thursday morning to ... Read More
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Medina County Gazette


  1. "He's a good player who's still growing," Cleamons said. "They let him know he's not full-grown yet."
    on Jun 11, 2008 By: Jim Cleamons Source: San Jose Mercury News

  2. "Why would two full-grown men -- I would refer to them as goons -- go after a 7-year-old? I think something bad should happen to him," Chambers said.
    on Oct 25, 2006 By: Ernie Chambers Source: WOWT

  3. "I felt a bit guilty, because in 1976, I turned women's gymnastics into kids' gymnastics," Karolyi said. "But I realized this is not just a kids' sport. It's a beautiful sport where full-grown women will have a place to shine."
    on Jul 19, 2004 By: Bela Karolyi Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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