froth froth  /f ˈrɔθ/


  1. (n) a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid
  2. (v) become bubbly or frothy or foaming
  3. (v) make froth or foam and become bubbly
  4. (v) exude or expel foam

Derived Word(s)


  1. At certain rpm, resonant frequencies would cause the fuel mixture to froth, leaning out the fuel and burning the pistons.
  2. Speculative froth in China's financial markets abounds.
  3. Sweet, earthy langoustines are accentuated by oven-dried langoustine powder, and the scallops have a subtle froth of green-tea emulsion.


  • Knoxville Craft Beer Week 2013: Bigger and Frothier

    With a forecast that includes at least a quarter-million ounces of brew, Knoxville Craft Beer Week 2013 promises to be way more fun than a mere 99 barrels of beer on the wall. Running Saturday, June 22 to Saturday, June 29, the celebration of specialty froth has a made a tremendous leap in the year since its inception. There’s a lot more beer at a lot more places and the range of activities ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Metro Pulse


  1. "There do appear to be, at a minimum, signs of froth in some local markets," Alan Greenspan said.
    on Jun 9, 2005 By: Alan Greenspan Source: Washington Post

  2. "It was a little bit tricky to find the mood again," says Parker when asked about picking up the same scene months after wrapping Season Two. "I had to work myself up into that same kind of froth."
    on Aug 9, 2007 By: Mary-Louise Parker Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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