frisky frisky  /f ˈrɪ ski/


  • (adj) playful like a lively kitten


  1. This pup gives a frisky voice to your portable music player.
  2. He needs a good fag hag almost as much as he needs a frisky bellboy.
  3. He was so frisky at a Memorial Day parade, trying to shake as many hands as possible, that he literally fell on his face.


  1. NBC's Johnny Miller is rather attracted to Merion's wicker baskets

    A really, really good vine from Andrew Dewitt of : Johnny Miller is getting a bit frisky with the Merion Wicker basket. — Andrew DeWitt (@DeWittCBS) June 15, 2013
    on June 16, 2013     Source: SB Nation

  2. Video Exclusive: Aladdin's Princess Jasmine Visits Sofia the First

    It'll be A Whole New World on the Disney Junior preschool hit Sofia the First when Princess Sofia and Princess Amber visit the desert kingdom of Tangu. The episode, airing Friday (9:30am/8:30c), finds the adorable half-sibs in a close encounter with a frisky magic carpet that has a mind of its own. So guess who comes to the rescue with some sage advice about carpets? Princess Jasmine, star of ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: TV Guide


  1. "He's feeling pretty frisky right now. There's a decent chance that he might be out there tomorrow," manager Joe Maddon said.
    on Sep 12, 2008 By: Joe Maddon Source:

  2. "Shaun Alexander came in today feeling very, very good. Kind of frisky, as a matter of fact. Told me he could play in the game," Holmgren said earlier Wednesday, before Alexander's latest tests. "I said, 'Wait a second. Let's take a deep...
    on Sep 27, 2006 By: Mike Holmgren Source: USA Today

  3. Romano says, "The interview was so rude - it was unadulterated filth. I was trying to keep a straight face and play it straight. He was in character. He got a little bit too frisky and managed to grab me and I ended up on the man's lap. I wasn't...
    on Dec 1, 2007 By: Carla Romano Source: (Pressemitteilung)

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