frightfully frightfully  /f ˈraɪt fə li/


  • (adv) used as intensifiers



  1. It was all frightfully decadent, and frightfully innocent.
  2. Just now, grown-up horror is frightfully chic.
  3. And it was frightfully hot.



  1. "I'd never read `Lord of the Rings' until I was asked to play Gandalf, so I didn't really know it was a frightfully famous book," McKellen said. "I had never come across the `X-Men' comics till I was asked to play Magneto, so I just jumped...
    on Jul 18, 2007 By: Ian McKellen Source: Forbes

  2. Discussing the trainee priests' decision to go into the church, the Prince said: "It would seem in today's world that this was a frightfully unfashionable thing to do, but ladies and gentleman, you are, in some extraordinary way, bucking the trend."
    on Feb 13, 2010 By: Prince Charles Source:

  3. "The course is as good as it could be, and it is still frightfully tough out there," Dougherty said. "It was somewhat easier to try and stop the ball near the hole."
    on Jun 14, 2007 By: Nick Dougherty Source: Independent Online

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