freehand freehand  /f ˈri ˌhænd/


  • (adj) done by hand without mechanical aids or devices


  1. Because stencils are impractical on bulging bellies, he works freehand.
  2. He loved contrasting the rough with the smooth, the hyper-refined freehand curve with the lump and the block.
  3. More recently, the Sketch Furniture collection utilized motion-capture and rapid-prototyping technologies to turn freehand drawings into tangible objects.



  1. "I am pleased to have worked with FreeHand and EMI to make this happen," said Charles Koppelman, CEO of CAK Entertainment.
    on Nov 19, 2007 By: Charles Koppelman Source: Earthtimes

  2. "I like being able to see inspiration in anything and everything around me," Schubert said of his work. "I used some references from the Brown County Fair website, others were done sort of freehand."
    on Jun 11, 2008 By: Franz Schubert Source: Ripley Bee

  3. "Chris will be giving the freehand to capture the shot and get the rythym," said Wong. "So I need to give him a sense of the rythym I am looking for. I realize that the best way to communicate with Chris is not by words but by music."
    on Oct 9, 2008 By: Wong Kar-wai Source: Indie Wire

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