free-range free-range


  • (adj) of livestock and domestic poultry; permitted to graze or forage rather than being confined to a feedlot


  1. Hence, this story, which scratches the surface of the free-range robbery that took place in Iraq.
  2. You already drink organic milk, buy free-range chicken and shun foie gras.
  3. It took 21st century technology to create what nature had by the Triassic period: a free-range dinosaur.


  1. Irish gourmet ice cream gets the cream

    With Ireland’s growing reputation as a foodie haven, visitors always bring their appetites, and they are not disappointed. Smoked Salmon, prawns, oysters, spring lamb, free-range chicken, Angus beef, brown bread, artisan cheeses, Irish coffee, and Guinness all delight the palate.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: Irish Central

  2. BIRD IS THE WORD: County farmers have 'pluck'

    Once a month, Yellow Bear Farm harvests a hundred free-range chickens in a community work party.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Topsail Voice

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