fortuity fortuity


  • (n) anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause



  1. If a mystical corollary was intended, it is less important than the sheer fortuity which makes bromides say the world is such a small place after all.
  2. As well as any performer, Costner knows that his eminence is a happy fortuity of timing and talent.
  3. The decline in the world price of oil, for example, was a huge fortuity, and may explain Reagan's current attraction for the electorate even more than his famous charm.


  • Business briefcase Jan. 27

    Lawrence businesses supported a Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence shopping trip Saturday for Youth of the Year candidates. The youth were shopping for outfits for the Youth of the Year event in February. Businesses participating included Weaver’s Department Store, Envy, Fortuity, TCBY/Mrs. Fields and Fuzzy’s Tacos.
    on January 28, 2014     Source: Lawrence Journal-World

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