footsore footsore


  • (adj) having sore or tired feet


  1. Bringing up the rear of Broadway's busiest week since December were two footsore comedies.
  2. His Majesty called for a long, earnest talk with footsore General Berenguer.
  3. Reason for the new regulation: the labyrinthine Pentagon's footsore postmen already carry all the mail they can handle.


  • Freeman-Fritts’ goal is to have empty cages

    Home. Suddenly, the dog was without a home. Lost and wandering to find his home, he became hungry, thirsty, footsore and very frightened. Time, people and cars passed by. After days of searching, he l
    on August 31, 2013     Source: Kerrville Daily Times


  • ...first marches took place in 1927, and Churchill, then chancellor, told the home secretary he was concerned that those taking part were getting into "a very distressed condition" and thought their arrival in London, "footsore and...
    on Oct 19, 2004 By: Winston Churchill Source:

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