fluctuating fluctuating  /f ˈlək tʃə ˌweɪ tɪŋ/


  • (adj) having unpredictable ups and downs


  1. Every day brings a number of new polls measuring every hiccup in voter support, but behind these fluctuating numbers are just regular people trying to make one important decision.
  2. His office is tucked on a narrow street that juts off the main square, where the rotund man with warm brown skin and salt-and-pepper hair receives a fluctuating stream of patients.
  3. Its brightness has been fluctuating for two centuries, and lately it looks much the way the erupting SN 2006gy did in the final stages before it blew.


  1. Boise River to open to floaters on Friday

    BOISE -- Fluctuating temperatures expected later this week could put a damper on those expecting to float the Boise River Thursday. However, on Monday Ada County officials have announced that Friday will be the official opening day for Epley's Boise River Rentals at Barber Park. Local media outlets, including KTVB, had widely reported Thursday as the tentative 2013 season opener. The reason for ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: KTVB Boise

  2. Policy or happenstance? Jordan's dwindling Syrian refugee arrivals

    Aid workers are struggling to understand fluctuating Syrian refugee flows into Jordan in recent weeks. The government insists the border remains open, but refugees tell harrowing stories of being turned back.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: IRIN


  1. "In 2008, my team may not have been as consistent," Löw said Tuesday. "We were fluctuating in terms of quality and we might not have had enough quality in all of the positions that we have today."
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Joachim Loew Source: New York Times

  2. "With almost half the world's population depending on rice, we wanted to make sure IRRI's genebank was insulated from the whims of fluctuating funding," Cary Fowler, executive director of Global Crop Diversity Trust, said in a statement.
    on Mar 12, 2007 By: Cary Fowler Source: Reuters UK

  3. "Metal prices have been fluctuating so wildly in recent years that the Treasury and the United States Mint need the flexibility to react quickly, if necessary, to change the materials used in the nation's coinage," said Mint Director Ed Moy.
    on Feb 29, 2008 By: Ed Moy Source: International Herald Tribune

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