flibbertigibbet flibbertigibbet


  • (n) a female fool


  1. Actress Prentiss is an offbeat comedienne who sometimes spoils her flibbertigibbet appeal by straining for laughs that just aren't there.
  2. Anita Dangler is a fluttery flibbertigibbet of a Gertrude, while April Shawhan is a sexy, miniskirted Ophelia.
  3. He has raised Beau since the lad was a 15-year-old pickup in a gay bar, and he is disgusted with Beau's flibbertigibbet irresponsibility.


  • Picking up the pieces after the Obama ‘transformation’

    Sol W. Sanders When a young, flibbertigibbet reporter asked the old Edwardian Harold Macmillan what might derail implementing the prime minister’s promised political agenda, he rejoined, “Events, dear boy, events!” For pseudo-aristocrat that he might have been – his grandfather was a Scottish crofter, his mother quintessentially Midwestern American – Macmillan knew well and [...]
    on August 26, 2013     Source: World Tribune

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