fleetness fleetness


  • (n) rapidity of movement


  1. Thanks to the fleetness with which the Japanese ran and climbed, the wall of water drowned only 1,535, injured only 338, left only 948 missing.
  2. Plainclothesmen roamed the streets in squads of three to watch for second-story men and the light-footed correntisti, hit run thieves who rely on their fleetness to escape the law.
  3. Sleek and graceful bodies gleamed through the foliage, all at rest yet all poised in the fleetness of arrested motion.


  • Miliband argued that the EU could never rival the economic or military clout of the US, China or India in the decades ahead because the club "is never going to have the fleetness of foot or the fiscal base to dominate."
    on Nov 15, 2007 By: David Miliband Source: Forbes

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