flatness flatness  /f ˈlæt nəs/


  1. (n) the property of having two dimensions
  2. (n) a want of animation or brilliance
  3. (n) a deficiency in flavor
  4. (n) the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss
  5. (n) inactivity; showing an unusual lack of energy


  1. The flatness of the universe also means the theory of inflation has passed a key test.
  2. What didn't change was the flatness.
  3. What is not is the flatness of Schwarzenegger's performance, the dullness of his odyssey.


  • iOS 7's new design is its least exciting feature

    The iOS 7 preview that Apple showed off at its Worldwide Developers Conference sports a massively overhauled look. You’ve read all about it already—the parallax animation, the flatness, the 3D effects: iOS 7 looks sort of like a brand new phone, albeit one you already know how to use. But make no mistake: Based on what Apple’s shown so far, even if iOS 7 looked pixel-for-pixel exactly like iOS 6 ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Macworld


  1. "I like the flatness of California," Busch said, referring to the banking that ranges from 3 degrees on the backstretch to 14-degrees in the turns. "I grew up on a relatively flat track at the Las Vegas Bullring and I've done well at New...
    on Feb 23, 2007 By: Kyle Busch Source: Forbes

  2. "We appeared a little flat. But don't get me wrong, John Maine was pretty special today," Torre said. "He was responsible for a lot of the flatness."
    on May 7, 2008 By: Joe Torre Source: OCRegister

  3. Burton said it was "to burn up the flatness, the stale, empty, dull deadness that one feels when one goes off-stage".
    on May 9, 2008 By: Richard Burton Source: Daily Mail

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