flashback flashback  /f ˈlæʃ ˌbæk/


  1. (n) a transition (in literary or theatrical works or films) to an earlier event or scene that interrupts the normal chronological development of the story
  2. (n) an unexpected but vivid recurrence of a past experience (especially a recurrence of the effects of an hallucinogenic drug taken much earlier)


  1. But the memory resurfaced like a violent flashback on Sept.
  2. For the youthful throngs of Berliners drawn to the show, it's more than a photo exhibit; it's a flashback to one of the defining traumas of their city.
  3. This week, in fact, a flashback that was more compelling than the events on the Islandand a flashback centered on Kate, yet.


  1. Former site of Charley's Flashback Diner, other restaurants razed in Stuart

    MARTIN COUNTY — A building that was home to at least seven restaurants since the 1970s — including Charley’s Flashback Diner and Shells — was demolished this week because “it was beyond its useful life,” the property owner said.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Stuart News

  2. Bulldog Insider Flashback - Laura Luethke

    Bulldog Insider Flashback - Laura Luethke winning the 2008 WAC Championship
    on June 10, 2013     Source: KSEE 24 Fresno

  3. 'Game of Thrones' flashback: 'Catelyn' talks season 3 (Video)

    'Game of Thrones' flashback: What Michelle Fairley (Catelyn) said more than two months before the 'Red Wedding.'
    on June 8, 2013     Source: OnTheRedCarpet.com


  1. "When you try and place a venue, you always remember when you've been there in the past," said Hoy, who will be 34 tomorrow. "When I turned up last time I had a flashback to 2002 when I won world titles for the first time [with victory in the...
    on Mar 22, 2010 By: Chris Hoy Source: The Guardian

  2. "It's a great story," McCormack says. "I wanted to be as (much like) him as I possibly could be. He was a German immigrant, so we had to play these flashback scenes with an accent. And he had a lot of different looks. It was a great role for...
    on Jun 16, 2010 By: Eric McCormack Source: Montreal Gazette

  3. "Washington definitely probably had a flashback," James said.
    on Apr 27, 2008 By: LeBron James Source: International Herald Tribune

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