fifty-six fifty-six


  • (adj) being six more than fifty




  1. What apparently set Mooney off was a show this summer that King claimed would explore the incredible events of fifty-six years ago at Roswell, New Mexico.
  2. Three hundred fifty-six relatives lamenting.



  1. "I don't even care anymore," Guillen said. "I [don't]. If Buehrle signs, good. If he doesn't sign, good luck. I don't know how much they offered. Fifty-six million?" "It's a soap-opera thing. Now I can say that's between the front...
    on Jun 29, 2007 By: Jose Guillen Source: Chicago Sun-Times

  2. "Fifty-six years after the signing of the Military Armistice Agreement at Panmunjom, Americans remain grateful for the courage and sacrifice of our Korean War veterans," Obama said according to a White House press release. "I call upon all...
    on Jul 26, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: 조선일보(영문판)

  3. "Fifty-six is way out there," Lee said, shaking his head. "I was thinking about 28 and concentrating on winning the game. If I didn't get the hit, I wouldn't have been disappointed at all. I went through a nice stretch, and even without a...
    on Jun 15, 2004 By: Carlos Lee Source: Pittsburgh Pirates News

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