festering festering  /ˈfɛ stə rɪŋ/


  1. (n) (medicine) the formation of morbific matter in an abscess or a vesicle and the discharge of pus
  2. (n) a fluid product of inflammation


  1. The festering anger over Gujarat serves as irresistible fodder for extremist groups who direct their message to India's increasingly disaffected Muslims.
  2. It's always perilous to use science to resolve festering public debates.
  3. Meanwhile, the festering insurgencies in the country's south, which have claimed more than 160,000 lives since the 1970s, have entered an uneasy lull.



  1. "Talk about festering and not living the truth of your life and feeling badly about yourself and being fearful that somebody'll find out this terrible, terrible secret, so he thought," Shatner says. "Like, who cares? Be gay, don't be gay --...
    on Oct 22, 2008 By: William Shatner Source: Wired News

  2. "We're trying to deal with a problem that has been festering and brewing in Lebanon now for years and years and years," Rice said Sunday.
    on Aug 6, 2006 By: Condoleezza Rice Source: USA Today

  3. "Mr. Flaherty labelled this a Band-Aid solution and rejected it out of hand, so the wound has been festering all these months since then and today," McCallum said. "When the voters practically have the ballots in their hands, he slaps a Band...
    on Sep 3, 2008 By: John McCallum Source: Winnipeg Sun

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