felt felt  /ˈfɛlt/


  1. (n) a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers
  2. (v) mat together and make felt-like
  3. (v) cover with felt
  4. (v) change texture so as to become matted and felt-like
  5. (n) an intuitive awareness
  6. (n) the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people
  7. (n) a property perceived by touch
  8. (n) manual stimulation of the genital area for sexual pleasure
  9. (v) undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind
  10. (v) come to believe on the basis of emotion, intuitions, or indefinite grounds
  11. (v) perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles
  12. (v) be conscious of a physical, mental, or emotional state
  13. (v) have a feeling or perception about oneself in reaction to someone's behavior or attitude
  14. (v) undergo passive experience of:
  15. (v) be felt or perceived in a certain way
  16. (v) grope or feel in search of something
  17. (v) examine by touch
  18. (v) examine (a body part) by palpation
  19. (v) find by testing or cautious exploration
  20. (v) produce a certain impression
  21. (v) pass one's hands over the sexual organs of

Derived Word(s)


  1. I never felt like I belonged to the gay community, I never felt like I belonged to the straight community.
  2. Most Australians felt as I did, that wrongs were put right.
  3. They felt very much that the family was the most important thing in their lives.


  1. Stephen Jackson On Malice At The Palace: ‘It Felt Good To Hit A Fan’

    NBA player Stephen Jackson says that it 'felt good to hit a fan' at the Malice At The Palace.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: CBS Philadelphia

  2. What jet lag? Phil felt the love Thursday, and he loved Merion right back

    What jet lag? Phil felt the love in Round 1, and he loved Merion right back.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Golf Magazine

  3. Apple’s Cue Felt Pressure to Finish E-Book Deals for Jobs

    Apple Inc. executive Eddy Cue testified he felt extra pressure to reach deals with e-book publishers in time for the introduction of the iPad in 2010 because of company cofounder Steve Jobs’s precarious health.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Bloomberg

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  1. "That's the most nervous I've been over a putt, probably," he said after his round. "It felt like when I brought the putter back and made a pretty good stroke, couldn't hit the putt any more solid and the ball couldn't have gone more in the...
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Paul Goydos Source: iseekgolf.com

  2. "In 2002 I was injured," Pettitte said in a statement. "I had heard that human growth hormone could promote faster healing for my elbow. I felt an obligation to get back to my team as soon as possible. For this reason, and only this reason,...
    on Dec 15, 2007 By: Andy Pettitte Source: AFP

  3. "I felt humbled and proud," the 36-year-old Naslund said Thursday during a conference call from his home in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. "When you are done, and you reflect on everything that has been going on throughout your career, getting a phone...
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Markus Naslund Source: The Associated Press

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