federate federate  /ˈfɛ də ˌreɪt/


  1. (v) enter into a league for a common purpose
  2. (v) unite on a federal basis or band together as a league
  3. (adj) united under a central government


  • In an ornate palace overlooking surprisingly modern Kuala Lumpur, the nine hereditary sultans of the federated Malayan states met fortnight ago to hold a thoroughly modern election.


  • HP and VMware Enable Customers to Unify Data Center Networks

    HP and VMware, Inc. today announced plans to collaborate to deliver the industry's first federated network solution, designed to provide customers unified automation of, and visibility into, their physical ...
    on August 26, 2013     Source: Marketwired via Yahoo! Finance


  1. German Minister for Education and Research Edelgard Bulmahn, current chair of the ESA council at ministerial level, said: "This meeting was a great step forward for Europe's ambitions in space. Europe must federate its space efforts in order to...
    on Nov 25, 2004 By: Edelgard Bulmahn Source: European Space Agency

  2. Robert says his personal blog will remain a separate property, but he'll move it from Wordpress to Rackspace hosting to "make that a showcase for new blogging technology (like the various commenting plugins that let you federate comments to...
    on Mar 14, 2009 By: Robert Scoble Source: Washington Post

  3. "In order to write apps, you have to write a mid-layer to federate apps:for infrastructure to host apps and make them personal, extensible and shareable:.The new model is phone-to-phone. It's SMS gone wild in a fundamental way," Schmidt said....
    on May 27, 2007 By: Eric Schmidt Source: ZDNet

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