featherbedding featherbedding  /ˈfɛ ðər ˌbɛ dɪŋ/


  1. (n) a mattress stuffed with feathers
  2. (v) treat with excessive indulgence
  3. (v) hire more workers than are necessary
  4. (n) the practice (usually by a labor union) of requiring an employer to hire more workers than are required


  1. And in uttering his predictable no, Gilbert demonstrated the fact that no man better represents the issues in the great featherbedding fight.
  2. End the revolving door between the CIA and Beltway bandits in other words, stop the featherbedding.
  3. To eliminate featherbedding, the rail companies asked the rail unions to: Extend the basic day's mileage pay from 100 miles to 160 miles.


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