fawn-colored fawn-colored


  • (adj) having the color of a fawn


  1. Joseph Stalin turned up at Truman's dinner in a fawn-colored uniform with scarlet epaulets and the big Gold Star of a Hero of the Soviet Union.
  2. Others had turned to Italy's fawn-colored countryside, painting delicately tinted landscapes and soft, expressionistic pictures of peasants and village priests.
  3. Most politely vociferous opponent of the treaty was Illinois' aging, asthmatic Senator James Hamilton Lewis, who wore a new fawn-colored waistcoat for the occasion of his oration.


  • Sky among the spokesmodels

    At the Greenport Community Day Saturday afternoon, 15 month-old Sky Kinney of Hudson communed with the rescued greyhounds. The fawn-colored one is named Peter and the white and black dog is Menewa. The dogs are spokesmodels for a group called "Greyhounds as Companions" from Delmar.
    on September 22, 2013     Source: Register-Star

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