fattish fattish


  • (adj) somewhat fat


  1. No frills and furbelows will bedeck their billowing bosoms; no petticoats will swathe their fattish calves; no bushy beards will sway from their chubby chins.
  2. From East West they came, 55 of them, fattish and full of memories.
  3. Now he is a fattish, fiftyish, rheumy-eyed, flashy-dressing showman.


  1. "Absolutely not. I think of myself as an Essex girl battling through life. That's how I feel," says Mirren, who describes herself as "short and fattish" in the book. "How other people see me is another matter, but I can't control that....
    on Mar 30, 2008 By: Helen Mirren Source: USA Today

  2. On her blog, Rosie called O'Reilly "a fattish ...... man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms."
    on Apr 2, 2007 By: Rosie O Donnell Source: 411mania.com

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