fastidiousness fastidiousness


  • (n) the trait of being meticulous about matters of taste or style


  1. Goodness may explain some of this fastidiousness.
  2. Blair is lampooned in London for having the self-righteous fastidiousness of an Anglican vicar.
  3. His brush strokes twist with furious fastidiousness.


  • Mayer Hawthorne plays Hard Rock tonight

    The young singer brings a more polished and contemporary version of himself to Hard Rock Live Tuesday night. The first time Mayer Hawthorne came through South Florida for a show at the Culture Room nearly three years ago, he was a promising oddity: The soul singer, hip-hop DJ and producer born Andrew Mayer Cohen in Ann Arbor, Mich., dressed with nerdy fastidiousness, sang with the smooth ...
    on August 14, 2013     Source: Sun-Sentinel


  1. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Friday that signs for success were strong: "We are hopeful that the Iranian side, acting with a sentiment of responsibility and fastidiousness, will examine the proposal and that a positive...
    on Jun 2, 2006 By: Frank-Walter Steinmeier Source: USA Today

  2. "She was always scrupulous about keeping up appearances to herself," wrote Edith Wharton of her tragic heroine Lily Bart in "The House of Mirth." "Her personal fastidiousness had a moral equivalent, and when she made a tour of inspection in...
    on Apr 6, 2009 By: Edith Wharton Source: New York Times

  3. "Rich Eisen [of the NFL Network] just told me, `We'll just set Big Ben back five minutes [to accommodate Coughlin's fastidiousness],'" Strahan said.
    on Feb 2, 2007 By: Michael Strahan Source: Hartford Courant

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