fare-thee-well fare-thee-well


  • (n) state of perfection; the utmost degree


  1. But by next day the front-office line had a fare-thee-well note to it.
  2. As a penny-pinching Broadway bookie, Hope has only two props to work with, but both of them get worked to a fare-thee-well.
  3. His post is about atomization of content, which Politico does to a fare-thee-well.


  • Stories they told

    My parents told great stories. I’ve told you that. How they would both weave long, intriguing tales from not much of a story or one that was so good to begin with that it took little embellishment. The good-to-begin-with story needed only a dusting of well-placed words while the not-so-good-ones-but-still-worth-telling were spruced up and shined to a fare-thee-well. My parents only introduced me ...
    on July 31, 2013     Source: The Fayette Citizen


  • "Government regulation is not all bad," Garamendi added. "I know because I am the insurance commissioner and I regulate an insurance industry that would rip you off to a fare-thee-well if they had a shot at it."
    on Oct 7, 2006 By: John Garamendi Source: FoxReno.com

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