fanged fanged


  • (adj) having fangs


  1. When vertical, she runs around like a paranormal Kay Scarpetta, keeping her fanged friends out of trouble.
  2. Soviet newspapers have run cartoons depicting Reagan as a blind cowboy and a bloody-fanged gorilla.
  3. Characters in different stories burst into song; birds and airplanes are seen as metaphors for freedom; and white racism is a fanged, fearsome threat.


  1. Baby Alligators In The Sewers Grow Up Fast In Philly

    It's common for cynical New Yorkers to shrug off the legions of alligators that roam our sewer system as the stuff of Urban Legend, but every now and then one of these creatures rears its fanged head above ground, and then you have to send a letter of apology to that drunk guy at the end of the bar who you thought was just a gullible gator conspiracy theorist. In August of 2010, to cite one ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Gothamist

  2. Snake venom may help stop cancer

    Venomous Colorado Snakes The main venomous snake along Colorado's Front Range is the prairie rattlesnake, but there are several rear-fanged snakes that inject venom -- it's just not harmful to humans.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald

  3. Win A Trip To The 'Vampire Academy' Set!

    For months, "Vampire Academy" fans have been watching like hawks as the incoming student roster at St. Vladimir's elite institution for the education of the be-fanged fills out with names. Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Danila Kozlovsky are among the young actors tapped to star in "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters," the big-screen adaptation of the [...]
    on June 11, 2013     Source: MTV


  1. "Most kids in movies are 'de-fanged,'" Eggers says. "They have no wildness. What we figured out pretty quickly was that we all clearly remembered what it was like to be a boy, to be a little wild and get into trouble."
    on Oct 12, 2009 By: Dave Eggers Source: AFP

  2. In his closing speech, Mr Dantis' defence QC Donald Findlay told the jury: "He is not the fanged, blood dripping, horned monster that the Crown claim."
    on Jan 8, 2010 By: Donald Findlay Source: BBC News

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