fang fang  /ˈfæŋ/


  1. (n) a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon
  2. (n) an appendage of insects that is capable of injecting venom; usually evolved from the legs
  3. (n) canine tooth of a carnivorous animal; used to seize and tear its prey
  4. (n) hollow or grooved tooth of a venomous snake; used to inject its poison


  1. Or they might just fang it out there that they've had sex.
  2. Al-Maliki wants to disband the Mahdi Army, or at least de-fang it, before provincial elections in the fall.


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  1. "It's the first time I've actually touched a bat where it wasn't hanging onto my finger by its fang," Giese said.
    on Aug 29, 2007 By: Jeanna Giese Source: USA Today

  2. "I suspect Fang Zheng is under surveillance again," said Ding Zilin, spokeswoman for the Tiananmen Mothers group.
    on Sep 6, 2008 By: Ding Zilin Source:

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