fainthearted fainthearted  /ˈfeɪnt ˈhɑr tɪd/


  • (adj) lacking conviction or boldness or courage



  1. That's when I first suspected that sex is not for the fainthearted.
  2. From Bhutan to Japan, the region's antismoking movement is scoring some startling victories: How To Quit Stopping smoking isn't for the fainthearted.
  3. Before Captain Kent's war is over, he has sunk himself in a degrading attachment, killed a man who threatened to expose him, and made a fainthearted try at suicide.


  • Drew Sharp: Tigers may not need to bite on teams' trade bait

    The back end of the Tigers' bullpen isn't the fright show that sent the baseball fainthearted into panic barely a month ago. Victor Martinez has stabilized the middle of the batting order with a torrid July.
    on July 29, 2013     Source: Detroit Free Press


  1. In his inaugural, Obama noted that Americans have a robust history of sacrifice: "Our journey has never been one of shortcuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the fainthearted, for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only...
    on Jan 23, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: Seattle Times

  2. PERSPECTIVE: "It was like armor," said Debra Winger of her former ferocity. "It kept the fainthearted at a distance. But perhaps I was too tough."
    on Oct 3, 2008 By: Debra Winger Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. "When the cost to produce tomatoes is $7 a box and a lot of times we were getting $3 or $4 a box, that's not a slow death, that's slashing your artery," Neill said. "It's not a game for the fainthearted."
    on Feb 27, 2008 By: David Neill Source: MiamiHerald.com

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