faecal faecal


  • (adj) of or relating to feces


  • Prasad can't tell if the skinny toddler's illness came from the faecal scum in the open drain next to the family's tin shanty, or from the clouds of mosquitoes swarming among the .


  • Study: Richard III suffered parasitic infection

    Richard III suffered from a roundworm infection, a team says. A soil sample from the region where his infected intestines would have been during life, revealed multiple roundworm eggs. Prevalent both in medieval times and in tropical countries today, the roundworm parasite spreads from faecal contamination and can grow up to one foot long.
    on September 4, 2013     Source: The Oklahoman


  1. Commenting after she had performed a routine wearing a brown costume, he said: "It was like watching faecal matter that won't flush - it goes around and around and around and in the end it doesn't go anywhere."
    on Jun 13, 2010 By: Jason Gardiner Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  2. "Here's a box with two hoses," says Kamen. "Dip one in anything that looks wet - an ocean full of salt, a well full of arsenic, a pond full of cryptosporidium, giardia and faecal matter - and out of the other one comes pure drinking water....
    on Jul 22, 2009 By: Dean Kamen Source: guardian.co.uk

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