explicitness explicitness


  • (n) clarity as a consequence of being explicit


  1. The erotic trouble with the novel doesn't end with its explicitness, however.
  2. And the shock scenes are closer to the murky threat of Val Lewton's '40s horror movies than to the slice-and-dice explicitness of the Saw and Hostel slasher series.
  3. As used here, the explicitness amounts to not much more than a shill, a come-on.


  • Post Tenebras Lux

    Highly Recommended THE FILM I suppose there's a certain degree of "shock value" to the work of the fascinating, tremendously gifted Mexican writer-director Carlos Reygadas. In films like his debut, 2002's Jap n , or his despairingly gorgeous 2005 masterpiece, Battle in Heaven , a deadpan, unflinching, near-pornographic (except much too dispassionate) sexual explicitness vis- -vis physically ...
    on August 28, 2013     Source: DVD Talk


  1. "The sexual descriptions set a new mark for explicitness in a work of non-pornographic intent," Updike wrote. "Obviously, it was playful, but I felt I had warned people. I had dealt with it. And then I realized, 'Wait a minute. There's a lot...
    on Feb 9, 2007 By: John Updike Source: calendarlive.com

  2. And as we do so, we'd do well to remember that, as Wolf wrote in 1990, "Sexual explicitness is not the issue."
    on May 2, 2010 By: Naomi Wolf Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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