expatriation expatriation  /ɛk ˌspeɪ tri ˈeɪ ʃən/


  1. (n) the act of expelling a person from their native land
  2. (n) migration from a place (especially migration from your native country in order to settle in another)


  1. It's as though his own sense of expatriation compelled him toward this gap, not as a witness to history but as a collector and combiner of its enigmatic fragments.
  2. Like Eliot, he has lost the sympathy of many former admirers in his native land, who consider his expatriation and his orthodoxy a humdrum comedown for a promising poet.
  3. Nor would I have my government-the best there is in the world-forget what compulsory expatriation means to an American citizen.


  • Spotlighting a law that stripped U.S.-born women of citizenship

    The Expatriation Act of 1907 required a woman who married a foreigner to 'take the nationality of her husband.' Daniel Swalm's grandmother was one such woman, and he's on a quest for justice. WASHINGTON — Daniel Swalm was researching his family when he came across a disturbing episode in immigration history. That discovery would lead to a move in the U.S. Senate to apologize for action the ...
    on April 20, 2014     Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. "Under the terrorist expatriation act, the State Department would be able to revoke the citizenship of an American who affiliates with a foreign terrorist organisation or who fights against our country," Senator Joe Lieberman told a press...
    on May 6, 2010 By: Joe Lieberman Source: The Hindu

  2. But, Bredesen said: "Upon their expatriation, in Medicaid, you're obligated to try to recover that money."
    on Dec 31, 2006 By: Phil Bredesen Source: Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription)

  3. Ignatieff tells us what he is: a cosmopolitan with a thirst for adventure: "I wish that more people understood that expatriation is not exile: it is merely the belonging of those who choose their home rather than inherit it."
    on Nov 19, 2006 By: Michael Ignatieff Source: Toronto Star

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