episcopalianism episcopalianism


  • (n) the theological doctrine of church government by bishops


  • Why atheists are starting their own global church

    Pope Francis is significantly upping the Catholic Church's buzz quotient, but another congregation is hoping to take America (and other countries) by storm. Like Methodism and Episcopalianism, the Sunday Assembly is a British import, but with a difference: This church doesn't believe in God. It's motto is "live better, help often, and wonder more." It's striving to be a global atheist religion.
    on September 23, 2013     Source: The Week via Yahoo! News


  • "If you remove immigrants, then Catholicism is in free fall, the way Episcopalianism and other mainline religions were 20 or 30 years ago," Wolfe said.
    on Feb 25, 2008 By: Alan Wolfe Source: Boston Globe (registration)

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