eminence eminence  /ˈɛ mə nəns/


  1. (n) high status importance owing to marked superiority
  2. (n) a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament


  1. Throughout the '20s, Chanel's social, sexual and professional progress continued, and her eminence grew to the status of legend.
  2. Virginia Sherwood NBC Well, in the early stages of Limbaugh's eminence, folks mangled his surname too.
  3. But Stern and four other greatly gifted players have lifted the solo violin to an eminence any age could envy.


  1. Indiana Basketball: Ranking the 5 Best Seasons in Hoosiers History

    Five things usually come to mind when thinking about the tradition of Indiana basketball. All five hang from the rafters at Assembly Hall. The iconic image of the Hoosiers’ five national championship banners captures the program’s eminence unlike any other one shot could. Success may be measured by winning records, conference titles or qualifying for the NCAA tournament for 99 percent of college ...
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report

  2. Steve Martin comes to town, a banjo on his knee

    He has a banjo on his knee — but no arrow through his head. Steve Martin, the wild and crazy guy ("King Tut") who has reinvented himself since the 1980s as a serious novelist, playwright and all-around person of eminence, has lately been making a splash with his first love: the banjo.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Record

  3. PrettySkin4Less Launches New Innovative Skin Serums with Active Organic Ingredients to World Wide Consumer Base

    PrettySkin4Less, with the help of top organic skin care manufacturer Eminence, are stocking their shelves with new innovative skin serums. So many beauty products are filled with chemicals and medication that only mask the problem, whereas these new serums have active organic ingredients to potentially change the skin's behavior over time. (PRWeb June 19, 2013) Read the full story at http://www ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: PRWeb


  1. Al-Adeeb said "His eminence, al-Sistani, is comforted by the thoroughness of Iraqi officials who shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding national interests."
    on Nov 15, 2008 By: Ali al-Adeeb Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Many Sunnis continue to see their political pre-eminence as a birthright. And most Shiites believe that their numerical superiority and the oppression they suffered under Saddam Hussein give them the right to dominate the new Iraq," one war...
    on Sep 12, 2007 By: Richard Lugar Source: Forbes

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