embarrassingly embarrassingly  /ɪm ˈbɛ rə sɪŋ li/


  • (adv) causing embarrassment


  1. Craigslist is on everyone's short list for most useful website ever, but at this point, it's embarrassingly retro.
  2. After embarrassingly having to remind her who I was, she gave me her real name, Marita, and her Web address.
  3. Last month Trippi made an embarrassingly awkward video with fellow Edwards adviser Jonathan Prince, in which the two attempted to make the candidate's favorite pecan pie.


  1. The CIA And The Comedy Of Errors by James Dunnigan June 11, 2013

    The CIA recently had another embarrassing reminder that it remains a spy agency without many competent spies. This incident occurred in Russia where a CIA agent was expelled from the country on May 14 th , after getting caught while trying to carry out an embarrassingly amateur operation.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Strategy Page

  2. Evernote custom reminders finally arrive on Android

    Two weeks ago, Evernote launched reminders on iOS, OS X, and the web, embarrassingly leaving out Android. However, the company has finally brought these handy reminders to Google’s platform, allowing users to set deadlines on certain tasks and to-dos. Furthermore, any reminders you set on Android will sync across all other platforms. The reminders in Read The Full Story
    on June 6, 2013     Source: SlashGear

  3. LeBron James seeking second title, payback on Spurs in 2013 NBA Finals

    James was the star of the Cleveland Cavaliers when they were embarrassingly swept by the Spurs in the 2007 NBA Finals
    on June 6, 2013     Source: 1180 WHAM


  1. "It's embarrassingly pathetic. In fact, it's one of the meanest in the planet," Sir Bob said. "For a country that keeps boasting about its huge growth, which is absolutely correct, you should boast and be proud of it, (but) is 99.5 per cent...
    on Nov 18, 2007 By: Bob Geldof Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

  2. Bale says, "Embarrassingly, I didn't get to ride it. There are other motorbikes in the film that I got to burn about on, but not the Bat Pod - it was deemed too dangerous; they needed me in one piece to finish the damn movie."
    on Jul 7, 2008 By: Christian Bale Source: Starpulse.com (blog)

  3. Antonio told BANG Showbiz: "It was embarrassingly easy to make Puss in Boots sexy, to tell you the truth. He is a cute cat with the voice of a Casanova. Once you have it, it's just a matter of doing it and having fun with it. The more fun you have...
    on Jun 13, 2007 By: Antonio Banderas Source: Life Style Extra

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