electromagnetism electromagnetism  /ɪ ˌlɛk troʊ ˈmæɡ nə ˌtɪ zəm/


  1. (n) magnetism produced by an electric current
  2. (n) the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena


  1. Far from posing idle brain teasers, her research might solve one of physics' great mysteriesnamely, why gravity is so weak in contrast to electromagnetism and other forces.
  2. Though occupied with his lonely struggle to unify gravity and electromagnetism in a single mathematical framework, he watched Germany's saber rattling with alarm.
  3. A magnet hooked up to be sensitive to vibrations wobbles inside a copper coil, generating a current through electromagnetism.


  • OSU engineer loved work, husband, animals — life

    They lived only a few miles apart, and they sometimes walked the same halls of the same Ohio State University laboratory building. But it took a research conference on electromagnetism in Canada to bring them together.
    on July 27, 2013     Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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  1. "These metamaterials have opened a new chapter in electromagnetism. We've opened the door into the secret garden," co-author Professor John Pendry, from Imperial College London, told BBC News.
    on Oct 20, 2006 By: John Pendry Source: BBC News

  2. "Newton's dissection of the rainbow into light of different wavelengths led onto Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism and thence to Einstein's theory of special relativity," notes Dawkins, adding: "If you think the rainbow has poetic mystery,...
    on Jan 4, 2008 By: Richard Dawkins Source: Skeptical Inquirer

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