effectually effectually


  • (adv) in an effectual manner


  1. By not receiving an outright pardon, Libby is effectually prevented from being forced to testify openly about events related to the Plame incident.
  2. One is to bar Czech airlines from flying over Western Germany, which would effectually cripple Czechoslovakia's small but flourishing aviation business.


  1. "We have got to put pressure on the mass media not to play the same craven role they played in Iraq, when they effectually collapsed and became a megaphone for Bush's policies," Sanders said. "What Robert is saying here is that the leader of...
    on Aug 22, 2007 By: Bernard Sanders Source: Forbes

  2. In response, Erekat said that while "Netanyahu calls for the Palestinians to resume peace talks, he is effectually leaving the Palestinians nothing to negotiate about."
    on Jan 21, 2010 By: Saeb Erekat Source: Ha'aretz

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