easement easement  /ˈiz mənt/


  1. (n) (law) the privilege of using something that is not your own (as using another's land as a right of way to your own land)
  2. (n) the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance)



  1. Range notes that almost 34 million acres have been protected by easements in the past 25 years.
  2. He had decried the prewar app easement policies of the Conservative leaders Baldwin and Chamberlain.
  3. At week's end jubilant residents promised the state easements on at least 2,000 of the district's acres, in effect freezing the land in its present condition.


  1. Program monitoring conservation pacts gets Byram tryout

    BYRAM -- The Township Council voted 3-0 Tuesday to move forward with a plan that would make Byram a model township for a conservation easement management pilot program.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: New Jersey Herald

  2. NC group offers reward for stolen Venus flytraps

    A North Carolina environmental group is offering a $1,500 reward to find the thief who stole more than 1,000 Venus flytraps from a city garden in Wilmington. The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust says it was outraged by the theft at the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden where the organization holds a conservation easement and hosts a Flytrap Frolic for children in the spring. Someone took ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: WSOC-TV Charlotte

  3. Pitkin County OK with Windstar property sale

    ASPEN —The sale of the Windstar property in April didn't violate any conditions of a conservation easement held by Pitkin County, according to the County Attorney's Office.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Denver Post


  1. "If we're going to pass law, we must pass law that will stand any legal challenge," Blunt said. "You don't want every conservation easement, every food bank distribution, every payment under the farm bill to be subject to any taxpayer going...
    on May 23, 2008 By: Roy Blunt Source: Carolina-Virginia Farmer

  2. "Given the sheer size of this easement, this is a big win for South Carolina and our efforts to preserve and protect the quality of life here in our state," said Gov. Mark Sanford . "This tract is incredibly significant from an ecological...
    on Aug 4, 2008 By: Mark Sanford Source: Earthtimes (press release)

  3. "If you use state land for grazing leases, or if you develop oil and gas on state land, or even if you build a bridge on state land or have an irrigation project, you have to pay a fee and you get an easement to do that," McGrath said. "These...
    on Jun 17, 2008 By: Mike McGrath Source: Forbes

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